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Buck Hill Inn by Jonathan Haeber
Don’t explore this Pennsylvania resort right now

Canadensis, Pa. – Eric Frein, charged with killing Cpl. Bryon Dickson and wounding Trooper Alex Douglass outside a state police barrack in Blooming Grove, Pennsylvania, may be hiding out in an abandoned resort in the Pocono Mountains in the northeast part of the state.

Multiple teams of armed searchers have been spotted at the former Buck Hill Inn resort near Canadensis. Frein, 31, had visited the hotel on multiple occasions when it was in operation. Investigators also discovered soiled diapers, the type that are worn by snipers, and packs of empty cigarettes nearby.

The resort boasted more than 400 rooms, an indoor swimming pool with a retractable roof, fine dining facilities, and other recreational amenities at its peak in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. After a prolonged decline, Buck Hill Inn closed in 1991.

Photo credit: Buck Hill Inn. Photograph by Jonathan Haeber. Source, CC BY-NC 2.0.

Vintage Electric Streetcar Company
Vintage Electric Streetcars

I’ve been sworn to secrecy about the location of these vintage electric streetcars. But I cannot resist my excitement about these old trolleys that were once transportation staples in the United States and elsewhere.

Located in rural Pennsylvania, the these mothballed streetcars comprise a collection of over fifty, some in stages of rehabilitation, others in a state of decay. Founded in 1986, the Vintage Electric Streetcar Company began salvaging old trolleys with the eventual goal of restoration and reuse as tourist attractions and pubic transportation. Read More

Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church
Holy Trinity

The Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church is located near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and was host to a Slovak Catholic congregation. Designed by F.W. Wilson of McKeesport in the Gothic Revival architectural style, the building’s stance on the side of a hill, with its 150-foot tower, was to evoke a commanding presence over the Monongahela River valley. Read More

Turtle Creek Flood Control Project
Westinghouse Flood Gate

The Turtle Creek Flood Control Project was constructed along Turtle Creek near East Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as a method to prevent catastrophic floods within the Turtle Creek valley. The project was the result of a 1907 flood, the St. Patrick’s Day Flood of 1936 and another flood in May 1946 that brought back flow from the Monongahela River into the Turtle Creek valley, flooding Turtle Creek and Wilmerding – and the Westinghouse Electric Corporation’s East Pittsburgh Works. Read More

Victor Brewing Company Jeannette Pennsylvania
Victor Brewing Company

Southwestern Pennsylvania was once a region defined by its neighborhood breweries, and loyalty to a specific beer was often defined by where you lived. The Victor Brewing Company was no different, and was founded by Frank Maddas in 1907 with a capital of $400,000. Maddas also went on to start up Republic in 1909 and Greensburg in 1916 to serve both of those local markets. Read More

Jeannette Glass Pennsylvania
Revisiting Jeannette Glass

Some time back, I revisited Jeannette Glass in Pennsylvania as I came across an outdated article regarding its pending demolition. Fearing that Jeannette could be gone sooner rather than later, I packed my bags, hopped into my car, dialed up some music and pointed my compass east. Read More

Shenango China
Shenango China

Shenango China was once one of America’s great restaurantware and dinnerware manufacturers. Located in New Castle, Pennsylvania, Shenango produced Incaware, “Castleton China” and “American Haviland,” along with other brands and styles. Read More

The Foundry to be Razed

The Foundry at South Strabane, a retail development near Washington, Pennsylvania, will be demolished. The first tenant to locate at The Foundry was JCPenny’s in February 2007, after it relocated from the languishing Washington Mall. Other tenants included Ross Dress for Less and Bed Bath & Beyond. But the development, built atop an old mine dump and steep hillside, began to settle and the buildings began exhibiting structural failures. Read More