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Old Louis Hunter Distillery
Old Louis Hunter Distillery

Several years ago, while in college, I stumbled upon the Old Louis Hunter Distillery in Harrison County, Kentucky on a scenic back road drive, but owing to the weather at the time, I did not venture out of the car to take a closer glance at the abandoned industrial complex. I moved to Cincinnati shortly thereafter and forgot about the relic along the banks of the South Fork Licking River.

Several weekends ago, while photographing historic antebellum residences in the Bluegrass region of the state, I stumbled upon the abandoned industrial complex once again. The buildings, once part of the Old Louis Hunter Distillery, operated in some fashion from 1850 until 1974. Read More

Indiana Ammunitions Depot
Walking Dead

Exploring a disused military ammunition depot brings back thoughts of the Walking Dead. Perhaps it is because I have been binge watching the post-apocalyptic horror series on television, or rather that I have a fascination with post-human interactions. And because of that, I went through my archives and found some great images that I have never shared that evokes that resemblance. Read More

Old Crow Distillery
Inside Old Crow Distillery

Revisiting an old friend several weeks ago at a whiskey bar, I was reminded of a famous Mark Twain quote.

"Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough."

Just like the old friend, I repaid another visit to Old Crow Distillery in central Kentucky with several architects. Read More

Old Crow Distillery
Old Crow Distillery Tours

Hi folks,

It is unfortunate that Abandoned will need to cancel the Saturday, July 26, 2014 event at Old Crow Distillery due to unforeseen events. It is not specific to anything that occurred at the July 5 event.

For those that registered for the July 26 guided tour and photo event, refunds will be administered within the next business day.

We will attempt to reschedule this event when certain regulatory issues are resolved.

Stay tuned for future events.

Champion Paper
Champion Paper

Champion Paper, which later became Champion International Paper, International Paper and then SMART Papers, was a paper mill in Hamilton, Ohio. Once employing 5,000 and boasting the largest facilities in the nation, the factory was the bread-and-butter of the working-class city. Read More

Old Taylor Distillery
Old Taylor Revival

Old Taylor Distillery, located near Frankfort, Kentucky, has been in a rough patch for several decades. Constructed by E.H. Taylor, Jr. in 1887, the distillery was known for being the first to produce one million cases of straight bourbon whiskey. Read More

January and Wood Company
Missing: January and Wood

I miss the January and Wood Company in Maysville, Kentucky. Dating to 1834, January and Wood was a cotton mill that diversified into synthetics, such as rayon and polyester, and was noted as being one of the state’s oldest businesses at the turn of the century. Its economic fortunes declined steadily in the 21st century and it was forced to close in late 2003. Read More

Joseph & Feiss Company
Joseph & Feiss

The abandoned skeleton of Joseph & Feiss looms over the motorists along Interstate 90 in Cleveland, Ohio, a derelict that has only been a little more than a decade in the making. Graffiti stained and with no windows and doors, it’s a wonder that this former industrial site hasn’t been completely demolished. Read More