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Windsor School

Constructed in 1888 with an addition of a gymnasium in 1918, the Windsor School was located in the Walnut Hills neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio. As early as 1971, proposals were made to replace the school due to inadequate wiring, faulty pipes, crowded conditions and poor restrooms. Windsor was finally closed in 2004 as part of the Cincinnati Public School’s $1 billion, ten-year construction project to rehabilitate or rebuild nearly every facility within the city.

Fairview School
Fairview School

Fairview School is located in Cincinnati, Ohio and was constructed from 1888 to 1890 in the Romanesque Revival architectural style. A three-story addition, designed by local architect Edward J. Schulte, was built in 1957-58. The addition was meant to be expanded once the original structure was razed, but declining enrollment led to those plans never coming to light. Read More

Fairview School
Out of School

School had been out for just a few months when this photograph was taken of the former Fairmont School in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was quickly sold at auction and rehabilitated into market-rate apartments geared towards University of Cincinnati students.

Linwood Public School
Linwood Public School

Linwood Public School is located in the Linwood neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio and was constructed in 1929. The tan bricked, two-story school was designed in the Romanesque Revival architectural style by Fecheimer & Ilhorst. The school later became known as the Linwood Fundamental Academy and closed in June 2005 after a new East End school was completed. It was briefly used as a refugee shelter for those left homeless by Hurricane Katrina. One-hundred cots were set up and air conditioners and portable showers were installed. Read More

St. Mark Catholic Church
Revisiting St. Mark Catholic Church

Over the summer, I was able to venture into the closed St. Mark Catholic Church in Cincinnati, Ohio to photograph more of its intricate elements, and to follow up on two prior visits. Located in the Evanston neighborhood, the parish was dedicated to the Missionaries of the Precious Blood, and during its first fifty years, there were 24 priestly vocations, which included one bishop, two religious brothers and 36 religious sisters. Read More

Gamble House, Cincinnati, Ohio
Gamble House Is No More

The Gamble House was located at 2918 Werk Road in the Westwood neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio. The imposing 2 1/2-story, 13-room residence, was constructed in the Queen Anne style by James Norris Gamble on the site of his father’s earlier dwelling in 1875. The house was assembled at a time when country estates scattered the region’s west side. Read More