Adkins District High School

Gary High School was located in Gary, West Virginia and was home to the Coaldiggers.

Beaver High School

The Beaver High School is located along 3rd Street in Bluefield, West Virginia. The school, located in the Beaver Pond District, served as a high school until 1953 until the Bluefield High School opened on Cumberland Road. The building continud to serve as the Bluefield Central Junior High School until the Bluefield Junior High School, now the Bluefield Middle School, opened.

Big Creek High School

Big Creek High School was located in War, West Virginia and was constructed in 1931. The school gained some national attention in the 1999 movie “October Sky,” and was referred to as “the historic home of the Rocket Boys of McDowell County.” On May 28, 2010, the last graduating class at Big Creek marched during what was an emotional ceremony at the school, and the historic structure is scheduled for demolition.

Big Rock School

Big Rock School was located south of Jackson, Kentucky along Kentucky State Route 30 and Cane Creek. The two-story structure was constructed of load-bearing sandstone by the Works Progress Administration and was closed in the 1970s.

Bluestone High School

The Bluestone High School is located in Bramwell, West Virginia. Constructed in 1948, it served as an elementary and high school for African-Americans.

Broadway School

The Broadway School is located along Broadway in Hazard, Kentucky, and was constructed in 1912 as the first Hazard public school specific to high school students. It is scheduled for demolition.

Buckeye School

The Buckeye School is located in Buckeye, Kentucky and was dedicated in May 1919. The high school was closed in 1964 when the Garrard County school district was formed.

Cadmus High School

Built in 1928 to serve the rural Gallia County community of Cadmus, Ohio, this small school closed its doors in the late-1980s.

Caesar Creek Township School

Caesar Creek School, located in Caesar Creek Township in rural Greene County, Ohio, was constructed as a high school in 1908 snd closed in 1967.

Campton High School

Campton High School, located in Campton, Kentucky, was opened in 1942. It was the first publically funded high school in Wolfe County, constructed during the Great Depression with funding from the Federal Works Project Adminsitration (WPA).

Cass Technical High School

Lewis Cass Technical High School is a four-year high school in Detroit, Michigan. The school is named in honor of Lewis Cass, an American military officer and later politician who served as governor of the Michigan Territory from 1813 to 1831.

Cove School

Closed in 1991, Cove School was located in downtown Weirton, West Virginia.

Edmonton High School

This abandoned two-story school in Edmonton, Kentucky is collapsing and re-use for this historic structure does not seem imminent.

Elbert-Filbert Public School

The Elbert-Filbert Public School is a closed school in Elbert, West Virginia that has since become a church.

Fairview School

Fairview School is located in the Fairview neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio and was built from 1888-90 in the Romanesque Revival architectural style.

Frenchburg Presbyterian College

Frenchburg Presbyterian College

The Frenchburg Presbyterian College in Frenchburg, Kentucky was a mission-based educational and healthcare facility operated by the United Presbyterian Church, and served as the only high school in the area for many years and as the only hospital between Lexington and Ashland for a period of time.

Gary Grade and District High School

The Gary Negro Grade School and the Gary District High School were located in Gary, West Virginia. The schools were integrated with the McDowell County school system, including the Adkins District High School, in 1965.

Georgetown, Ohio School

A closed school in Georgetown, Ohio.

Glen Rogers High School

The Glen Rogers, West Virginia high school, located deep within the coalfields of Wyoming County along Laurel Fork, was built in 1951 and replaced an earlier school. Adjacent to the high school was an elementary school. The high school closed in 1992 when enrollment dropped under 200 students.

Green Township Public School (Williamsburg, Indiana)

The Green Township Public School is located in Williamsburg, Indiana.

Haldeman Elementary

Haldeman used to be a much larger town. Once boasting a brick factory in nearby Soldier, a school, and several businesses during its boom times, it is today a quiet residential community of rural Carter county. This particular school was built in 1937 with an expansion in the 1960s.

Heberle School

This sizeable school, located in Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati, Ohio, was located in one of the worst neighborhoods in the midwest in terms of poverty and crime. The entire area is being redeveloped, with a mix of upper, middle, and lower income townhouses, apartments and condos being constructed at a record-breaking pace. The fate of this hulk from the rough times of the past is in question.

Higginsport School

Located in Higginsport, Ohio, the Higginsport School has been closed since 1987, although it is prepped for future restoration.

Iaeger Graded and Junior High School

The Iaeger Graded and Junior High School was located in Iaeger, West Virginia and was constructed in 1922, with additions being constructed to the rear along the hillside. The school later became home to Iaeger Intermediate before closing in 1999.

Iaeger High School

Iaeger High School was located in Iaeger, West Virginia and was demolished in beginning in June 2010. The high school, which opened in 1918, was home to the Iaeger Cubs. On May 28, 2010, the last graduating class – 88 graduates, walked across the stage at the Bob N. Jack Auditorium to accept their diplomas. High school students from Iaeger attend the new River View High School that opened in August at Bradshaw.

Ironton High School

Erected in 1922, this grand classical brick school in Ironton, Ohio was demolished in 2007 and rebuilt. Take a peek at its present condition on the last public viewing day!

Jefferson School

Jefferson School

Wheeling, West Virginia’s Jefferson School, located at 1401 McColloch Street, was constructed at some point in the late 1800s. Originally a neighborhood school, it became known as the Jefferson Special School in 1959 until 1966, when it was vacated for two years. In 1969, the school became the Civilian Sheltered Work Shop.

Jolo Grade School

The Jolo Grade School was located in Jolo, West Virginia. It functions as a community center today.

Lakin Industrial School for Colored Boys

The Lakin Industrial School for Colored Boys, north of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, was founded by three African-American state legislators that created several state-funded reform institutions for blacks between 1919 and 1921. The school closed in 1956, only two years after the Brown versus Board of Education of Topeka.

Larimer School

Larimer School

Larimer School is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and remains the most elaborate and intact of Pittsburgh’s schools designed by Ulysses Lincoln Peoples.

Lenore Junior High School

The Lenore Junior High School is located in Lenore, West Virginia, a former coal camp town north of Williamson.

Lincoln School

The Lincoln School was located on Hill Street in Hinton, West Virginia. The all-black school closed in 1962 due to the effects of integration and was later reused for vocational classes.

Linwood Public School

Linwood Public School is located in the Linwood neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio. Constructed in 1929, Linwood was designed in the Romanesque Revival architectural style by Fecheimer & Ilhorst. It closed in 2005.

MC Napier High School

The Napier High School in Hazard, Kentucky opened in 1953 and remained in use until 2005. In only a few short years, the property has become battered and beaten, and sports a trashed interior and a very leaky roof.

McKinley School

The McKinley School, located along Eastern Avenue in Cincinnati, Ohio, was constructed in 1876 as a three-and-a-half story structure along Tennyson Street in the Italianate/Jacobethan style. A two-story addition was built in 1919 along Eastern Avenue that contrasted sharply from the Italiante design. In December 2005, the McKinley School was closed and has since been reopened as the Irish Heritage Center.

Middleport Elementary School

The Middleport Elementary School in Middleport, Ohio closed in 2003 after new facilities were constructed.

Middleport Park Street School

Middleport’s Park Street School was constructed in the late 19th century, and was closed in the early 1950s. It was used for storage for over five decades before a structural failure caused the building to be demolished.

Middleport High School

The Middleport High School in Middleport, Ohio relocated in the 1990s and the building was reused for the Middleport Middle School until closed in 2003.

Middleport School Systems Central Building

The original school structure for Middleport, this historic building was reused as offices for the Board of Education and the school system for Meigs county. It was vacated in the summer of 2003 in favor of a new location.

Millersburg Military Institute

The Millersburg Military Institute was founded in 1852 in Millersburg, Kentucky and closed over 150 years later due to dwindling enrollment. It was reopened in 2009 under a new name and promising growth.


Miscellaneous schools.

Monitor School

The Monitor School, located in Coal Grove, Ohio, was constructed in 1905 and has been closed since 1984 when new facilities were constructed outside of town. The building was envisioned as a community and retirement center but was never restored due to neighborhood opposition.

Mt. Sterling High School

Mt. Sterling High School

Abandoned in the 1990s, most of the Mt. Sterling, Kentucky High School has been rehabilitated into medical offices and clinics.

Olive Hill High School

Closed for good in 1994, the Olive Hill, Kentucky High School was on the brink of demolition when a 22″ snowfall caused the gymnasium roof to collapse. The interior had been stripped of its former glory, and it seemed as if it was deeded over to neglect and vandalism. Thankfully, a former mayor of the city purchased the building and then proceeded to deed it over to a historical society. The gymnasium has been rebuilt and the property is being slowly renovated.

Parkland School

Parkland School is an abandoned school in the Parkland neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky.

Pomeroy Junior High School

Pomeroy’s Junior High School was constructed in 1929 and vacated in 1970, when the Pomeroy, Rutland and Middleport, Ohio schools consolidated into the Meigs Local School District.

Pleasant Retreat Ridge School

An old two room schoolhouse along Pleasant Retreat Ridge on SR 625 south of Milton, Kentucky.


Ravenna Graded School

The Ravenna Graded School is located in Ravenna, Kentucky and was constructed in 1927.

Ruddles Mills School

The Ruddles Mill School in rural Bourbon County, Kentucky was dedicated on October 1, 1923 to serve the small community of several hundred that was named for Isaac Ruddell.

St. Anthony High School

St. Anthony High School, also known as East Catholic High School, was located at the corner of Sheridan Street and Farnsworth Street in Detroit, Michigan. Closed in 2005, the building is being demolished after just a few short years of neglect.

St Lawrence O’Toole Catholic School

St. Lawrence O’Toole School was a former catholic school in Ironton, Ohio. Constructed in 1910, the 11,910 square-foot institute served grades one through eight until the early 1980s. The building was repurposed shortly thereafter into a community center that lasted only a brief period.

Trap Hill High School

Trap Hill High School is located in Surveyor, West Virginia and served the Trap Hill district from its inception in 1930 until a new facility was constructed in the 2000s.

Utica School

Constructed originally in the late-19th century, the Utica, Indiana School was rebuilt during the Great Depression and used until the start of the 21st century.

Valley Rural School

An abandoned school in Lucasville, Ohio that has long been demolished.

War High School

An abandoned high school complex in War, West Virginia.

Waterloo School

Plans to establish a high school in Waterloo, Ohio, a farming community located in northern Lawrence County, began in 1916 and became a reality in the following year, using the second floor of a local store. The school relocated to the former Waterloo Methodist Church building until 1930. Plans for a permanent school structure began in 1928, and a bond issue was passed in 1929 and the new high school was opened in 1930. The Waterloo High School closed in 1961 upon completion of the Symmes Valely School.

Wellston High School

This large high school served the community of Wellston, Ohio for more than a quarter century before seeing its demise in the summer of 2003.

Windsor School

Windsor School School is located in the Walnut Hills neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio and was constructed in 1888.