The January and Wood Company was located on West Second Street in Maysville, Kentucky and closed in late 2003 after struggling with a decline in orders.3 4 At the time of its closure, it was the oldest business in the city.6

In August 2004, the JT Thorpe Company opened a branch office on the site of the former mill.3 Thorpe specialized in the supply and installation of the inner workings of factories.6 Kelly Bradford and Jeff Schumacher purchased the former January and Wood plant and formed the Cotton Mill Limited Company in April 2006.2 6 The purchase included the blue warehouse on Wall Street but not the offices of JT Thorpe. The intention by Cotton Mill Limited was to demolish the oldest portions of the factory6 and a demolition permit was filed with the city.2 No future plans for the property was proposed.1 Demolition began soon after on the sections of factory that did not contain asbestos.

Demolition was halted on the cotton mill on June 15, 2006 after the owners failed to notify the Environmental and Public Protection Cabinet before the tear-down work began.1 A contractor had arrived on the site to conduct asbestos abatement and commented that the Cabinet needed to be notified per state law. Realizing that the state had not been given notice, the contractor did so himself. The Cabinet reported that “asbestos containing material had been disturbed.”5 A written notice of violation was issued on June 26, however the Cabinet did not penalize the owner. Bradford and Schumacher hired a certified contractor that removed the remaining asbestos in a proper manner.5

Demolition was set to resume on November 28, 2006, but no further work progressed.5 The mill site was sold to Jerry Lundergan for $220,000 on January 19, 2007,2 who resumed demolition work in the summer.7


  • Name: January and Wood Company
  • Location: West Second Street, Maysville, Kentucky
  • Years of Significance:
  • Status: Demolished


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