Old Crow Distillery Tours

Old Crow Distillery

Old Crow Distillery Tours

Hi folks,

It is unfortunate that Abandoned will need to cancel the Saturday, July 26, 2014 event at Old Crow Distillery due to unforeseen events. It is not specific to anything that occurred at the July 5 event.

For those that registered for the July 26 guided tour and photo event, refunds will be administered within the next business day.

We will attempt to reschedule this event when certain regulatory issues are resolved.

Stay tuned for future events.


  • Dewanna / 24 June 2014 9:53

    Will additional tours be offered this year if someone can’t make one of these two dates in July?

    • Sherman Cahal / 24 June 2014 9:55

      Sure – these two dates are filling up well, and I’m sure we will have an additional date later in the year!

  • Omari Matlock / 14 July 2014 2:43

    I am a filmmaker with and independent film company based in ohio. I am interested in possibly filming a few scenes here, who would I need to speak with about this, and what would be the best way to contact them? I thank you in advance!

    Omari Matlock

  • Kelle dodge / 2 August 2014 10:23

    I am very interested in a tour I am a photographer. Please send me a email
    In next your date thank you

  • Alexander Demos / 18 August 2014 8:17

    I would love to participate in some of these tours. How do I get on the list?

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